Nimporio area is a very known tourist attraction because of the small village and the beautiful and quiet beach. A visitor can reach Nimporio by car. Also through Nimporio, you can visit the island of Nimos by boat.


Pedi is a unique valley in the island of Symi consisted by olive trees and vineyards. Pedi’s bay is beautiful and quite beach surrounded by trees. During summer there συχνά are bus itineraries to connecting Symi settlement with Pedi. Visitors can also reach beaches aceesible only by boats though Pedi


Marathounta village is close to Panormitis settlement. Only a few houses are in the village mostly used during summer period. In Marathounta there is also a quite pebble beach with clear waters.


Panormitis is located on the north part of Symi island. Visitors can reach Panormitis by car or by bus from Symi. Usually the boats departing from Rhodes port to Symi make a stop at Panormitis village. The landscape of Panomritis is mesmerizing with the beautiful monastery and the rich natural envisorment.
Panormitis settlement attracks many visitors mainly because of the famous mnastery of Archangel Michael of Panormiti.